Extra ink on the front of a mezuzah?


I just took a look at someone's mezuzah and found that on the bottom right corner there were some extra marks:

1. Pencil checkmark - I assume that this can be erased.
2. Ink mark - is this a problem?

Can the extra ink be scratched off?

Also, all of the alephs have a bump/tag on the bottom left foot. Does anyone know the source for this?



  1. Hi Phil,
    The ink at the bottom right can just be removed.
    As to the bump/tag on the bottom left foot, this is a convention of Sephardic Sofrim that would just go back with the end stroke of their pen when completing the bottom foot. The same can also be seen on the nose of the letter PEH.

  2. Thanks Alberto.

    I had a chance last night to ask my local posek and he said that it needs to be erased before the mezuzah can be used.

  3. What if i placed a mezuzah, and i think it has a V lightly written with a pencil, do i have to remove the mezuzah ?? Erase and place again the mezuzah?

  4. All extra markings that form a shape, like a check mark, or character must be removed, particularly if on the front side of the klaf. A pen or pencil line may not be an issue. Some even hold that 3 pinpricks that form a line or triangle need to be removed as well.


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