folding megillos

I think its important for those selling megillos to make the folds for the customer or at least explain to him how to do it in such a way that the folds are not done on the ksav but rather in the margins or on the seam itself. I am forever fixing broken letters on megillah folds, and some of them are really not that old...


  1. I agree with rule 1
    here is rule 2: never store your megila in your silver case your wife or cleaning lady will polish it and damage the megila.I am forever fixing water damaged megilos

    1. Rule 3: You wouldn't open the side panel of your computer anywhere near uncovered liquid. Don't weigh your megilla down with full water glasses. Worse, don't weigh my megillah down with full water glasses.

  2. Similar Azharos for covering Sifrei Torah with plastic bags under the Mantell before dancing on Simchas Torah. I've had to do extensive fixing for sweat-damaged otherwise-beautiful Sifrei Torah.

  3. In many Sephardic communities, the Reader for the Congregation does not unroll the entire Megilah prior to reading. Rather, he unrolls the Megillah as he is reading it and leaves it unrolled. Once he is done with the reading, he then rolls-up the Megillah and recites the Berakhah.

    Unlike the reader, the congregants do not leave their Megillot open as they read. Rather, they roll it as they go, just like a Sefer Torah so that it won’t fall on the floor or be subject to damage by folding.

    More so, unrolling the entire Megillah prior to reading is seen as improper. According to their sources, one should only leave what was already read unrolled, like a letter; but what was not yet read, is supposed to remain rolled like a Sefer Torah.

  4. Another reason to use Dio Lanetzach.


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