Is this bet kasher?


  1. Why is that a Shayla? I clearly see an eikev that is boleit from the bottom.

  2. I'd also say kosher. I don't even need to zoom in to see the akev.

    1. I agree that it is probably fine but since it is very rounded on top and the akev is very slight it can't hurt to ask a tinok.

  3. As long as there is an ekev, even slight, then it is kosher and the fact that it's rounded is not a factor, particualrly considering that a round head is mehudar for Sephardim. We only ask a tinok when one who is expert in the halacha has determined the need for it. If the letter is kosher then asking a tinok can hurt and if the expert determines it is pasul then a tinok is not an option.


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