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"Hashchara" - chemical process to make sifrei Torah letters black

Does any one have more information regarding a process called "hashcharah" which is used in the process of repairing old sifrei Torah. It is some sort of chemical process that turns brown and faded ink black. Outside of Stam, it's used mainly for archives and record keeping companies make old documents with faded writing legible. It darkens the writing. I recently met a few chevrah in Benai Brak who offer this service with pretty good results - for a much cheaper price than manual repair would cost. Therefore I am wondering... 1) Is this process ethical to use on Stam (does it last, is it the same quality as manual restoration by a sofer?) 2) What are the kashrus ramifications? (lishmah, kedushas hashem etc). 3) Are there any teshuvos, letters from rabannim about this process? Apparently it darkens the klaf, but so do fixatives and other materials commonly used by standard restorers. Does anyone have any further info or have experience in this process? Thanks

interesting ayin

Would a tinok help? it is a crooked tes that looks like an ayin,I have not seen this shaila anywhere perhaps ELI CAN ASK RAV FRIEDLANDER.

kuba in tefilin

I know there are some that hold kuba is only when a full word sticks out, others hold there is no halacha of kuba by mezuza.Something bothers me here even more -why did the sofer do it like this -is it carelessness or he didnt know that the line should be straight your thoughts please

Advice from Rabbi Friedlander re forged mezuzos.

I met today with Rabbi Friedlander in Yerushalayim. He is well aware of the forged mezuzah problem and suggests that the only 100% guaranteed way not to be duped is to ensure that you buy directly from sofrim you know and trust. He said there are enough sofrim out there that you can deal with them directly and don't need to risk buying from "unknown sofrim" through sochrim and wholesalers. However if one has no choice and needs to buy from a socher selling 3rd party items, he suggests that you ask the socher for the number of the sofer's teudah (kaballah). The socher has nothing to worry about because Mishmeres Stam will not give out names of sofrim. However Mishmeres Stam will have a copy of the sofer's writing on file. They will be able to tell you if the item you have matches their sample, thereby confirming the sofer is "real" and your product is legit. For those strict to buy only items written by sofrim with ksav kabbalah, this system should wo

Four words as one long word...Efshar Letaken ?

Bs"d Didnt have time to post before Yom Tov but here is a pretty poorly written rashi klaf "Vehaya Im Shomoah" I was given to check. There is the possibility to extend with ink a little and make the words stand out separately. Even if that could be successful, I am inclined to put this one in shaimus.  I can still rewrite the last klaf.  

Visiting Rav Friedlander

A gut moed, I am currently in Eretz Yisroel, where I plan on meeting with Rav Friedlander shortly after Pesach with some personal shailos. If anyone has any shailos you wish for me to discuss with him on your behalf, please respond in the comments or feel free to send me an email. A kosher un freilichen remainder of Pesach, Eli


    The blog has been a little slow in the past week or so, I guess everyone is busy with Pesach preparations, (I know I've been busy). May we all merit to a kosher and freilichen Pesach and L'shonoh Haboh B'yerushalayim!

Safek Tzura in Sefer Torah

this past shabbat parshas metzora a case of safek tzura was discovered. my qualification through the vaad mishmeres sta"m is only for ktiva i could not pasken on this issue but will be bringing it iy"H to a magihah musmach on tuesday for evaluation a closer look: the ot in question is the letter bet. the word is supposed to read "bohen" but it looks like a kaf kfufah. the tiny oketz seen near the back-middle of the ot (and normally present in a bet) does not kovea the tzurat beit. what IS m'akev, however, is a sharp corner on the bottom right of the letter's moshav. since this type of corner appears to be lacking from the moshav, l'aniyut da'ati the tzura is changed from a bet to a kaf. any opinions on the (in)accuracy of this svara, or any additional comments from the olam? a joyous and redemptive chag pesach r

IE the last post

Here are two pictures I took of a Bayis shel Rosh before it has been completed. I hope it helps illustrate a bit more clearly what the 'cracks' are in the pictures that R. Moshe Weiner posted. As I hope you can see, they are just the folds of the leather to make the four batim of the shel rosh. Sometimes when there's a bit too much leather for each compartment, the extra gets squeezed in the middle making these folds that look like crack along the whole length of the bayis. It's of course not a problem of any kind.

What are these charitzim?

These charitzim run down/up the whole bayis inside. Is this a problem [excuse me for not having better/clearer pictures]?