Four words as one long word...Efshar Letaken ?

Didnt have time to post before Yom Tov but here is a pretty poorly written rashi klaf "Vehaya Im Shomoah" I was given to check. There is the possibility to extend with ink a little and make the words stand out separately.
Even if that could be successful, I am inclined to put this one in shaimus.  I can still rewrite the last klaf.



  1. I would strongly suggest this person upgrade to something a little more kosher

  2. I agree pretty shvach ksav....

  3. Are the other parshiyos of similar quality? I'm putting together a collection of bad tefillin parshiyos with vague thoughts about doing educational sessions. If you live in Brooklyn and are willing to meet, I can trade you a set of low end but kosher parshiyos that I got out of a pair of old tefillin for those.

  4. I regret that I am in Canada and not in Brooklyn..


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