Safek Tzura in Sefer Torah

this past shabbat parshas metzora a case of safek tzura was discovered.
my qualification through the vaad mishmeres sta"m is only for ktiva i could not pasken on this issue but will be bringing it iy"H to a magihah musmach on tuesday for evaluation

a closer look:

the ot in question is the letter bet. the word is supposed to read "bohen" but it looks like a kaf kfufah. the tiny oketz seen near the back-middle of the ot (and normally present in a bet) does not kovea the tzurat beit. what IS m'akev, however, is a sharp corner on the bottom right of the letter's moshav. since this type of corner appears to be lacking from the moshav, l'aniyut da'ati the tzura is changed from a bet to a kaf.

any opinions on the (in)accuracy of this svara, or any additional comments from the olam?

a joyous and redemptive chag
pesach r


  1. looks like a kosher chaf to me.

  2. Before looking at the surrounding words, I instinctively read it as Kohen.

    Pasul until fixed.

    1. the verdict from the magiha: shai'alat tinok although typically we are noheg to be machmir. dyo was added to the moshav to strengthen the eikev of the moshav and bring out the shpitz, l'shem kedushat sefer torah

  3. I'm not really sure why you would need to ask a shaila on this in a sefer torah unless all the Beits in the sefer are made that way. If you have any safek, just add a bit of ink to remove the safek.

  4. I feel that this beis is kosher- at most i would ask a tinok if in doubt.Many minhagim are to write it this way kechatchila since a beis is the letter דלת בתוכ גרון של ואו
    this beis is square on the inside and has an eikav so it is written properly -a letter written that should be written lechatchila a certain way according to any minhag cannot be posul. I hope I will have time to post the source for the above tzuras beis lechatchila

  5. The problem is that since the letter is extremely round at the bottom and the akev is very faint, it could just as easily be a kaf with a mistaken bit added in as it could be a bet with a faint akev.

    In my opinion I would compare it to the other beitim in this ktav because that would go a long way to determine if its kosher or not. With the picture alone it could be argued either way. It is not obvious that it's not a kaf.

    But - since we are speaking about leining, remember that there's a general rule that if some aspect is based in machloket, even if we don't pasken that way, if there's a doubt during keriya you usually don't need to take out a new Sefer...


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