Door post

Does this second door post immediately to the left of the mezuza ALSO require a mezuzah?


  1. Assuming that the brown door near the clock is the front door, then yes

  2. Yes.It is a tzuras hapesach and is not covered by the nearby mezuzah. As Dovid mentions, a bracha is not made since there is no door.

  3. Agreed, even if there is no left "doorpost"

  4. I would like to point out a different point. The Mezuzah in the picture is too high up. The place of a Mezuzah lechatchila is at the bottom of the shlish Haelyon. Bedievid, it's kosher up to a tefach from the mashkof. In the case of a rounded mashkof like this one, there is a Machlokes rishonim regarding where we measure from.

    Lmaaseh, most of the world goes like the opinion that you measure from the place where "efshar lerabos dalet tefachim". The Rambam disagrees and says the mashkof begins fromt he place where it begins to curve.

    Everyone agrees that if you can put the Mezuzah in a place that is kosher according to all opinions, you should.

    This Mezuzah is certainly within one tefach of the Mashkof according to the Rambam and should be moved down.


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