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I received this shaila from a sofer in chu'l. The achronim and poskim discuss a similar shaila by a mem kefufa (where the vav is a nun (and some also say a gimmel) in which they hold the following:
Daas Kedoshim - noteh lehachshir
Mikdash Meat-  tzarich iyun
Binyan A-B and kol sofrim - passul
Mishnas Hasofer - machshir
Mishmeres sofrim - shailos tinok
Sfeikas Hasofer - shailos tinok

I'd think that the shaila is more serious by the mem so there should be more room to be machshir and certainly a tinok can be asked. I hope to eventually show this to Rav Friedlander.


  1. It seems clear to me that this is a strong enough Shinuy Tzura to be passul.

  2. Indeed a very difficult one. Please post Rav Friedlanders response, I 'm very keen to hear it

  3. Aaron, why is a mem kefufa made up of a nun or gimel (instead of a vav) a shailos tinok at worst? I'd think at the least they are comparable.


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