You never know....

Here's something interesting that happened to me today.

A woman walked in to my office with a boy of about 9 or 10, I was not expecting her nor did I recognize her, so  I asked if I could help her. She told me that she was just walking past and saw the sign on my office so she wanted to come in and say thank you.

I couldn't imagine what she wanted to thank me for (I was glad she wasn't complaining about something). So she went on to tell me about 10 years ago she had already been married for quite a few years and was unable to have children. Her rabbi suggested checking her mezuzos. She's not a religious woman and she was sceptical. she was even more sceptical when she had them checked and was told that her bedroom door mezuzah was printed on paper. She replaced the mezuzah with a kosher one. She told me that less than a month later she got pregnant and she pointed to her son and said he was her miracle baby.

So she said she wanted to thank me for checking her mezuzos all those years ago and for bringing to her attention that one of them was not kosher, and for selling her a new one.

I was quite flattered by the story and thanked her for telling me, even though it was years later and I could not remember the woman, or the story (it happens so often , we find a psul and relace something).  It was probably just another day, another customer, and you forget about it soon after.

Yet I was a little spooked out afterwards. We sofrim just do our thing, another day , another mezuzah, a little tikkun here or there....99% of the time we don't even begin to realise the ramifications of what we are doing and the effect it has l'maylah.

You never know.


  1. This is the kind of thing that helps balance us when we find that we goofed. Everything in life is a Mishkal; we strive to have the Tov vastly overweigh the other...

    1. I have a little book and for some time I tried to write down every time I made a substantial change for the better in someone's stam ie if i found a psul and fixed it or the like. I would include date, name, case details etc.

      If I ever need chizuk or motivation I pull out this book. It helps me keep things in perspective in a job that sometimes can get to you

  2. Great story! Did you make up with her to come back in a couple of years to get tefillin for her son!

    1. No, I should have. I'm sure he will get tefillin as he was wearing one of the jewish school uniforms

  3. so true! thank you for sharing this.


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