Forgery versus Rabbi Abadi and the way to stop it

In Eli's last post the discussion veered off course to discuss "Rabbi" Abadi's method. In order for us to realize how terrible the situation is I must first explain the difference. Rabbi Abadi has his halachic view we may agree or disagree.ALL AGREE THAT IF DONE WITHOUT MASGIACH TMIDI it is possul.Rabbi Abadi NEVER SILKSCREENED TEFILIN OR MEZUZOS FOR SALE,he has done so on sifrei torah.
The forgers we are dealing with are the lowest of the low they are clearly selling posul mezuzas according to all authorities.
The vaad has the capability of detecting these mezuzos using their computer however only 20 percent of stam gets checked by the Vaad.
Using the aftermarket computers -aside from not being able to detect the forgeries and aside from the bigger risk of the operator ignoring a real mistake,if the vaad has no income they have no personal  to investigate.
I personally have installed a vaad computer station and have seen great siyata dishmaya  since then,I call on all my friends to follow and contact Rabbi Granetstien and set up your pay by use computer station.


  1. 3 Points;

    1) Frankly, I don't understand the difference. Both are trying to find halachic leniencies to support their modus operandi. Both are not accepted mainstream and with both, the main problem is their method is not considered ksivah

    2) The latest forgers also have what to rely on, their charges were dismissed because they had yesh lismoch

    3) Mishmeres Stam can only weed out forged mezuzos so long as there are major parts which are the same in multiple forgeries. However the latest technology is such that the forgeries can be computer generated so that while printed, no two look the same or have the same "fingerprint".

    Therefore then, the only fool proof technique is to only sell mezuzos you have either written yourself or are written by sofrim you are on top of personally.

  2. As strongly as one might feel about his non-mainstream views, that does not give one license to be mevazeh him by putting his title in quotation marks.

    1. Rav Ovadia Yosef ZTzUK"L said it was ossur to refer to him as Rav or to accord him the honors of a Rav or Talmid Hakham. He wrote explicitly that he is a sinner who leads others to sin.

      So there is Yesh Lismoch to be mevazeh him.

    2. Really? I was under the impression that Rav Ovadia ztz"l was fond of him except for the silk screening issue. Do you have a solid source for this that you can share?

    3. His full Teshuva is printed in the Yeriat Shlomo.

      Aside from that, he ran him out of Har Nof. Not exactly what I would call fond.

    4. The point of my article was to explain the difference between Rabbi Abadi who is not deceiving anybody and is very clear as to what he is doing, versus fraudsters who are not "rabbis" and have not written tshuvos. I do not understand why we are arguing if "Rabbi"(and the quotes are to show he is a rabbi ) Abadi's method is kosher or not-that belongs to gedolei hador. OUR PROBLEM IS WITH THE FRAUDSTERS THAT CANNOT WRITE A TSHUVA LIKE RABBI ABADI AND ARE LYING ABOUT HOW THEY ARE DOING THE MEZUZOS.

  3. There are several computer programs that can detect forgeries. It not just mishmeret stam for all the advertising.

    1. "Dikdukei Sofrim" is the one used by Yad Rafael and Mishmeret Sofrim. Aside from that one I'm not as sure about the others... Haven't had a lot of experience with them.

  4. you mean DUK sofrim, also knows as tor which is a great tool for a sofer checking his own sta'm now how will that program detect forgeries?
    who is yad rafael - can i contact them?


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