More on Ateres Batim

Following Avi's post earlier, I am posting some info on Ateres Batim.

I think Rabbi Traube commented fairly when he wrote that even if you advertise all the hiddurim in the world, you loose something once you are a mass producing in a factory / line up situation. It's like that with everything in Sta'm.

I'm not saying these are not good batim. But to me, any of these hiddurim can be obtained at many reputable factories, and still be much cheaper than private batim machers.

The exception are their no folds policy which is a good safety measure (I wouldn't call it a hiddur, rather a safety measure), but you can always choose such batim from regular "factories" before they are painted and it will be cheaper. (By this I mean batim which are free of "potentially" problematic folds)

Their hechsher from the eidah is a good thing.

Someone correct me if I am but other reputable factory type companies I deal with seem to advertise many of the same hiddurim for their higher end batim  as well.



  1. this method of making batim is very difrent then the standard way, batim made the standard way will always have folds, im not sure wat you mean when you say you can get fold free batim at the regular factories, (unless we are not understanding "fold free" to mean the same thing).

    1. by fold free I mean free of folds which are problematic or that could be indicative of problems. A good mashgiach or batim expert can select such batim from many of the standard factory type batim machers. I do not mean free of the folds bichlal. (I understand his way eliminates the risk of problematic folds by eliminating the folds altogether.) Sorry if I wasn't clear.

  2. dos anyone know if "fold free" batim are available in 40mm chabad size?

    1. Last I spoke to him he was planning on making them. Not sure if this eventuated.


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