1. first we must know if the thin head was made later by a tagimmaker or was there originally.
    second we need cllarification in אין שיעור לעובי האותיות
    a beis with thin tag is kosher but with thick tag can be a lamed.
    how about lamed with regular body and very thin vav on top that looks like chaf with kotz?
    perhaps the machlokes avnei nezer and mikdas me-at by hay of shem al pi kabala that has kotz and may look like koof if thicker
    maybe reb moshe can clarify the אין שיעור לעובי אותיות

    1. You can generally tell if something was made by a metayeg since most metaygim use rapidograph ink which is matte and which contrasts the regular ink. Its easy for dovid to see in good light. However to me it does not look like the type of thing a metayeg would have done, as a matter of fact it looks like the sofer himself made the tagin on this nun, perhaps because of the precariousness of the situation.

  2. just looked again and the second beis is also problamatic-rav stern is machshir bdieved (top and bottom strokes meet on the inside)

  3. I missed these posts while away. The nun and beis look fine to me.


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