Wishing one and all a Gut Yom Tov!

Zman Matan Toroseinu has slightly extra significance for those who are osek in the physical writing, checking and repairing of sifrei Torah. May we all have a wonderful Yom Tov and be mekabel the Torah b'simchah u'bepinimiyus with an abundance of brachah and hatzlocha in our holy work.


  1. Thank you, R' Eli! And to all, Chag Samayach! On a very personal note - it was exactly 21 years ago when I met Rav Natan Siegel at a Tikun Leil Shavu'os at the Israel Center in Jerusalem. He was teaching on the Hebrew letters, and it truly "blew my mind", and opened a gushing fountain of yearning for the study of Sofrut. It was my own, personal revelation at Har Sinai. Rav Siegel is recovering from illness, and returning home from hospital today. Please join me in blessing him (Natan Daniel ben Malka) with a refuah shlayma.


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