A Sofer I know posted an image of a mezuzah he wrote to show off his proud handiwork. I noticed that the yuddin in the Heh's in the Shem Hashem are all written exactly the same as a regular Heh, ie as an upside down yud.

However I learned that all the hehs in Sheimos Hakedoshos should be written distinctly and differently, for the first Heh and the second, ie first heh with a tag _ and second Heh with a tag | to be meshane the Sheimos hakedoshos as an added fence for kavanah LeShem.

Is this a problem to be concerned with if I see a mezuzah like the one described above with all hehes written the same.  I asked him about it and he did not respond.  Maybe he wasn't taught it or doesnt know.


  1. Ellie, it's not such a critical issue, however if he writes ksav arizal he should try and follow the kaballa to the full extent which includes writing the shaimos in the manner you mention. (I hope you realize it's not just the yudin but there is a special way to write the entore word)

  2. The Kabbalistic way of writing Shem HaShem is only done by Chasidim and Sefardim, and even in those circles it can be somewhat inconsistent.
    In fact, the Brisker Rav wrote to the Sofer in Europe who wrote his Tefillin specifically not to make any ה in Shem HaShem different from any other ה.


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