Can it do hagoha also?

Berlin - Robot Writes Torah At Berlin's Jewish Museum

I've met some sofrim who are robots, but never a robot who is a sofer...

See it in action here;

PS, I think the robot could benefit from some safrus lessons. Tagin would be nice too


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  2. Shalom R. Eli, saw this a couple of days ago, but sadly I've had to explain to some people about why this is not kasher and why it shouldn't really even be referred to as a Torah in the articles. And yes tagin seems to have not been in the programming! Bit odd that unless it was deliberate to make it less like STa"M which may be them being thoughtful?

  3. I was going to post this but you beat me to it. Not only is the robot not that much faster than some "commercial" sofrim in Israel, but I noticed that in the video it was writing many disconnected letters. Wonder if that was deliberate too...

  4. Seriously though, someone who saw the article asked me if a machine can be used to guide the sofer's quill so that he writes more straight or precisely. The sofer holds the quill but the machine acts as the guide


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