Change in RT

Why is it that only recently we in chabad started leaving space at end of shema in RT?
Why the change from before when they finished until end of line?


  1. When was the custom in chabad to finish Shema [of RT] till the end?

  2. It was never official custom but it seems it was the norm for a period of time. Many Chabad sofrim seemed to write the R"T parsha of vehoya ki yeviecha like rashi (so more than nine osiyos gedolos - ie distincltly Chabad) and shema went until the end of the line. So these were definitely minhag Chabad parshiyos. (Vehoya Im was done in the same way its done today.)

    So that was the spacing a lot of chabad chassidim seem to have in their rabbeinu tams from a particular vintage when this spacing was popular, I'm guessing around the 1960's.

    Although by parshas shema makes no difference halachically (by R"T) how much space if any is left at the end of shema, yet for some reason, today, virtually all Chabad sofrim write uniformly with a space of 9 large letters, (like Rashi).

    What Yosef is asking is what caused this change - of what seemed to be a common practice.

  3. Rabbi Landau (Bnei Brak) says in his fathers name (R. Yacov Landau) that RT should finish shma till the end, so maybe the sofrim mentioned wrote according to this shita.
    see what I wrote, (end)

    1. Thank you, perhaps a Shiur on that tshuva?


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