is it mehudar because it "ALTER REBBE?"

Short lamed as in last word on line 4,lameds that do not have head only kotz.I am a regular magia not chabad and i find these shailos very often however when I mention the problems to the chabad sofrim they laugh me off with some kind of "reb ruven bla bla bla"


  1. What's with the עוקץ on top of the Aleph being נוטה לשמאל rather than לימין ("backward, toward the Creator", as the Gemara says) , הפוך קצת כלפי מעלה (as Mishnas Sofrim puts it) ... ?

  2. I couldn't agree more. The lamedim here are disastrous.

    This is a classic example why Chabad consumers should better get high quality Arizal than poorly written, cheaper Alter Rebbe. The price will be the same anyway.


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