Tzadik Pshutah

Reb Moshe, would you agree that a tzurah such as the one below (where the shailo is that it is lacking a yerech but still has the the tzurah of an Arizal Tzadik) is fixable by adding ink in a way that creates a distinct yerech  such as in the red of the second image?

UPDATED PICTURE - the previous one was not accurately representing the shailo I was asking


  1. In tefilin or mezuza shlo ksidran - NO

  2. I think this is a shinuy tzura (not recognized enough as a tzadi in difference to a nun)

  3. i drew this as an example. but if its clearly recognized as two heads, amd the only thing doubtful is rthe yerech, would it be fixable by tefillin and mezuzos through adding ink?

  4. If the picture is different - and the problem is only about the yerech of the yud - that is a different issue, and according to TZTZ you may fix it.

  5. Yes, I think when I drew the image above using a thick marker it swelled / bled a little making the gap between the roshim less noticable.

    The original shailo had a greater gap and looked more like a tzadik, and the obvious problem was a lack of yerech.

    I felt that acc to theT"T, who allows rectification in tefillin and mezuzos of a lacking in the yerech (by adding ink) such a tzadik would be fixable.

    I re drew the shaolo so it is a little more accurate - see above in the post , I inserted it in under the original inacurate one...

  6. The new picture can be fixed (according to Mikdash Me'at and Tzemach Tzedek). But this doesn't mean that any fixing is OK, care must be taken that the new yud won't cover the old one, and turn into panim chadashos.

  7. I would first thicken the underside of rosh, on the bottom right, to make the yerech SOMEWHAT bolet, then I would extend the rosh to the right and downwards. This would make the rosh larger and much more distinguishable, but obviously part of the old rosh would remain in the new rosh.

    (The red above is only a rough indication of how it could be fixed, obviously it wont be as "grub" when it comes down to it, it's a very eidel tikun understandably, the result can often be remarkably good if one does it properly.)


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