Why Does Dio Lanetzach Seem So Taboo

My knowledge of dio is pretty much limited to the MB and the Biur halacha in siman 32, so when I heard of dio lanetzach, I looked online and asked fellow sofrim.

When I've spoken to sofrim here in Yerushalayim, it's usually shunned. It's not really carried in stores here in EY (i've heard that used as a support to it's illegitimacy). I've spoken to store owners who avoid the topic, and i even talked to members of a Sta''m kollel who spoke lowly of it. Some people use it for tagim but not for letters... Even on this very forum i've seen several posts which shift discussions from the public forum to private messages.

If there are haskamos from the mishmeres stam and many gedolim, why is it so taboo? What am I missing? Is it questionably Kosher, or totally OK? Is the taboo-ness just because it's new?

I'm even worried this post will get censored...


  1. To start with why dont you take the time to actually explain what is this dio you are talking about. I havent heard of it. Is this the one created with acrylics mixed in ? I heard the late Rabbi Zirkind senior used acrylics in his inks.

  2. Shalom both, if you search in this blog in the side bar you'll see quite a few entries and discussions on Dyo Lanetsach, what it is, halachic views etc.

  3. To learn more about the benefits of Dio Lanetzach, and why it is superior to regular ink, see:

    The objections started when I discovered and published that Afatzim which are used in the production of regular ink are not kosher. See all the details in this article.


    Some people got very upset at this discovery. "How dare you say that my tfillin were written with ink that contains a non-kosher ingredient?" Many Rabbanim tried hard to prove that Afatzim are kosher. They all failed. All the details are in the article shown above. In their despair, having no way to prove that Afatzim are kosher, they resorted to a smearing campaign against my ink - Dio Lanetzach. As if disparaging Dio Lanetzach will miraculously "kosherize" the Afatzim.

    I was then advised to consult with experts on kosher food, who understand the subject much better than those who specialize in STAM. So, I contacted a few Kosher supervising agencies, both in Israel and in the USA, trying to obtain a Hechsher on Afatzim Juice. They all refused to give a Hechsher. Even the Rabbanut in Israel, which is the most lenient of all, refused to give a plain, not Mehadrin, Hechsher on Afatzim Juice. Again, all the details are in the article. Now, some people really got upset.

    It appears that some people really believe that if they succeed in disparaging Dio Lanetzach, it will miraculously "kosherize" the Afatzim. Or, at least it will raise enough of a smoke screen to divert attention from the problem of non-kosher Afatzim in their ink.

    I was told that following the discovery and publication that Afatzim are not kosher, Nahari tried hard to sell his ink business. It's already two years and he did not succeed in finding a buyer.

    1. The Eidah HaChareidit and several other very respectable Hekhsherim give supervision to various brands of gallnut powder(afatzim) for actual human consumption. Are you telling me that they are inducing people to eat non-kosher items?

  4. It's part of the general nervousness about "new" things. Sooner or later people will warm up to it and realize that it is better.

  5. Correction: I wrote earlier that I was told that Nahari tries to sell his business. I was now informed that what I was told is not true.


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