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Nuns and deleds

The nuns and daleds make me a little uncomfortable.  Kasher?

pai pshuta

What is the din on the pai pshuta of אף? did it become a pai k'fufa or its still a pai pshuta?

tzadik pshutah!


Sowing tefillin

I'll be in Connecticut to check tefilin etc. fromה -אלול until I get the job done, which will take a few days. I will need someone to do the sowing of the tefilin, and when I change the retzuos, to make the knots. It will be a full time job for both of us, and good pay. Anyone that knows of someone that would be interested etc. please email me at Good shobos

trying to save these parshiyos...

I have a set of old tefillin which are probably at best only kosher bedieved, however there is sentimental value so I'm trying the best I can to try and keep them kosher, even bshas hadchak . The customer has a better, newer pair but wants to keep these for rare emergency use. Below are three photos with the shailos: 1) the yud in uvisharecha. the kotz RT is not quite as long as the right regel, besides both are very short - not really a ches. Are these reasons to be meikel? 2) the nunim if veshinantom and hotziyonu. Definitely something is there protruding, is it enough to fix or is it a nun hafucha? Would appreciate Reb Moshe's opinion please. PS The revach from the extra word has holes in it.... PPS Very politically correct sofer, obviously likes both the Arizal and beis Yosef so much he couldn't decide which ksav to write....

first time I've seen this...



The mem of להם has a slightly narrow moshav due to the right side being on a bit of an inward slant. To me it's not narrow enough to be a real clear samech but I also though it was enough of an incline to post and see what others think. Especially when compared with the other mems. ?

whats the halacha for sfardim for the kuf of bechozek?


Can anyone recommend a sofer in Silver Spring, MD?

A friend is moving there and asked me about mezuzahs. Know anyone I can send her to?

yud of miyamim?



there is a app called kidron that basicly checks teffilin and mezuzas for choser yeter, and chiluf, does anyone know anything about it if its relieble in place of computer check etc.

Hashem Yerachemאכלת-אותה-בתוך-התפילין.html

(Pasul) Tefillin on Shabbos

Pasul tefillin that are now opened and used for chinuch - what's their status on Shabbos? Can they be used for chinuch on Shabbos if they're set aside for this? Sources?

Miksha and parsha of shel yad. Am I missing something?

I find that by miksha batim, in the shel yad, many expert sofrim are not makpid that the whole parsha should be in the bayis, and if part protrudes into the titura they are not the slightest bit concerned. In fact, the most mehudar tefillin I check, sold with all the top hiddurim including miksha batim, often have the shel yad parsha protruding deep into the titura.  Yet by non-mikshah batim, these same experts consider it to be a chisoron in hiddur if the above occurs. They hold this (of it being a detraction in hiddur)  even when the parsha does not descend deeper than the titurah elyona or the part of the titurah that is made of the same piece of hide as the bayis. So what am I missing here? If the whole reason why we are not worried about the parsha protruding by miksha is because it's the same ohr in the titurah as the bayis, why be concerned in regular batim when the parsha does not protrude lower than the "filler" and still stays in the space of the upper ohr w