pai pshuta

What is the din on the pai pshuta of אף? did it become a pai k'fufa or its still a pai pshuta?


  1. the pay is still kosher, so you can scrape the negiya or erase the beginning of the gag and the pay is kosher.

    1. Is that based on the tshuva of the rav po'olim

    2. לאו דוקא. עדיין לא נשתנה כלל צורת הפ"א לכפופה, וניכרת היטב שיש רק נגיעה ממנה לאיזה תחילת גג

  2. Since i am unworthy to disagree with Rabbi Weiner (if i would need a kfufa i would be machshir this peh): since this is based on a מילתא דתליא בסברא is it still glatt or does the koine have to be notified that a shailas chacham was asked?


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