(Pasul) Tefillin on Shabbos

Pasul tefillin that are now opened and used for chinuch - what's their status on Shabbos? Can they be used for chinuch on Shabbos if they're set aside for this?



  1. Possul tefillin are not muktzah. So touching them is OK. But putting them on? Maaras ayin possibly? I have never seen this discussed.

  2. As R. Eli mentions above, Halakha does not classify Tefillin as "Muktse." Rather, they are identified under the special category of "Keli She'melachto Le'issur" – utensils whose primary use involves activity forbidden on Shabbat. The law regarding such a "utensil" is that one may move it either to use the space it currently occupies, or to use the item itself for a permissible purpose. As such, a Rabbi who teaches a class on Shabbat about Tefillin, may show the students Tefillin as part of his instruction.

    * See Halikhot Olam, Helek 3, page 196 from R. Ovadya Yosef
    * Also see Menuchat Ahava, Helek 1, page 263 from R. Moshe Levy

  3. I came to the blog to ask literally this exact shaila (and one other, but still). Yasher Koach!


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