whats the halacha for sfardim for the kuf of bechozek?


  1. Thanks. I am not so boki in the Sephardi poskim but by ashkenazim such a tzurah would be highly problematic, at least acc to the mishnah brurah and others?

  2. Indeed, Kasher just add the moshav.

    On a second note, the RESH of MITZRAYIM appears similar to a DALET.. may need to show to a TINOK and carefully round the top right corner. Working from the bottom up is safest when doing so.

  3. The Yeriat Shlomo writes
    רגלה הימינית ישרה וקצרה כשיעור אות קטנה (היינו קולמוס ומשהו) כשרה. ומ''מ יש להחמיר לתקנה כדי להעמידה על עיקר צורתה לכתחילה.


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