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is there any hope for this tzadik?

Ink between heads is dark. Question is only if enough of the rosh is recognizable?



gimel and daled of deganecha

I was wondering what the din is by sefardim in the case below. If Rabbi Michael or any others could guide me here I'd be much obliged. I know sfardim are more machmir when intrusion is from side than Ashkenazim.

vov from hahu

Has a noticeable line going out to the right hand side of the gug, if ain shiur beuve haos my worry is if it's a shinuy to a zayin?

Shu"A Ha'Rav - hekef gvil toich ha'os

I am wondering what is the opinion on Shu"A Ha'Rav? Does he agree with the Mishna Berurah that the insides of letters (at least 3-walled letters) are exempt from the requirement of hekef gvil (at least after the fact)? Or does he hold that the inside is no different than the outside? From my learning I have concluded that the inside is no less than the outside. I'm wondering if anyone understands differently?


I was reading through some kitvei yad of Rav Haim Vital ZTzUK"L and found this recipe for Dyo.  My own comments are in (parentheses like this): To make a very good ink-  Take rain water and put into it very finely ground Afatzim(gallnut powder) and boil it a bit.  Then remove the afatzim, take the water and put into it Gum Arabic and Roman Vitriol(called Kankantum in the Shulhan Arukh, specifically it is copper sulfate) as you desire and boil them.  When it turns black remove it from the heat and strain it through a linen garment(a coffee filter will work just as well, or any other fine non-reactive filter) and leave it exposed to the air for a single night, and then place it in the sun and it will be a very good ink.  Once reduces you can add water and mix it with a wooden sliver. For those who want the original Hebrew: לעשות דיו טוב מאוד מאוד.  קח מי גשמים ושים בתוכן העפצים כתושים דק דק והרתיחם מעט והסר העפצים וקח המים ושים תוכם גומא ארביקא וויטריאול רומאנו כפי רצונך והרתי

The so-called "Chumra of the Rashb"a"

Shalom to all. I am new to this blog and I hope to make a meaningful contribution. I would like to revisit a minor discussion which took place on the blog a short while back regarding what's been called the "chumra of the Rashb"a" i.e. not to scrape away a Negiah which took place prior to the conclusion of having written the second letter. I would like to clarify two points: 1) it is a complete misnomer to call it the Chumra of the Rashb"a. 2) It is actually much more severe than if it was actually the chumra of the Rashab"a that we are concerned about. Allow me to explain with a basic introduction: The Yerushalmi states: "Irev es ha'osiyos - milmaalah: passul, milmaatah: kasher" (I have "shrunk" the actual passage to what the minimum  of whats needed for this discussion). The Rashab"a (as well as the Ramba"n, and the Sma"k) interpret this to mean that if, as one is forming the second letter, it touched th


This is a picture of a kindergarten in Israel I am almost positive that the Mezuza here is in the wrong place. I am just not sure where it should be. Should it be in the beginning  of the tiled area, or nearest to the door. The thing in the middle is a blinds track.I think it should be next to the doorpost. Another question is.... should they have a Mezuza on this gate. It is just a metal rod with a door that goes around like a doorpost.

Is the Gimmel of ויהרג Kosher?


Mem Sofit: a hairy situation

the particular area of the klaf is fuzzy with the hairs going in different directions, causing the d'yo to spread. as a result, the MeM of "ואם" has a small חלל. is it: כשר/פסול/שאילת תינוק?

Nun of בבני?

Does this tag ruin the tzurah of the nun?

the negiya in the word mezuzos?


NUN pshutah

Can any of the experts out of NY who don't make shaylos tinuk on nun/ zayin shaylos, please tell me the din here on the nun psutah of sitten. Reb Moshe's opinion would also be appreciated. Wishing everyone well in the Elul "busy season".