gimel and daled of deganecha

I was wondering what the din is by sefardim in the case below. If Rabbi Michael or any others could guide me here I'd be much obliged. I know sfardim are more machmir when intrusion is from side than Ashkenazim.


  1. The Angle is hard to see well, but to my eye that is possul. The halakha with any intrusion is that if it is just a little bit so that it does not change the letter, it is fine. If it is a lot, so that it does change the letter it is possul, and if there is safek it is a shailat tinok in which we don't have to cover the other letters.

    On the positive side, if it is possul, and you can fix it without changing the shape of the Gimmel or Dalet that would be permitted because the sofer undoubtedly started to write it from the outide of the Dalet...

    1. From here it looks like the gimmel goes nearly halfway in!

  2. Can sources please be provided?
    I would be very appreciative.

  3. Kosher
    when letter goes into other letter we must look at 2 problems shulchan aruch 32-28 and m"b
    1)was there a shinui tzura at any time-even if it was for an instant while writing the letter-if it was then its posul since the letter got its tzura back not by writing of this letter (chik tochos a"y ksiva) however our situation is similar to avnei nezer who writes that eikav of beis going into dalet since line is written from left to right is kosher.
    2)no letter should enter other letters-however this is a "yesh lizaher"not a psul
    in our case it might even be mehudar since dalet has only2 sides and is not considered letter that has a toch. I recall a reb moishe that by dalet and chaf sofit we would draw a diagonal line between the 2 edges and if letter doesn't go into this part its not called in.


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