This is a picture of a kindergarten in Israel I am almost positive that the Mezuza here is in the wrong place. I am just not sure where it should be. Should it be in the beginning  of the tiled area, or nearest to the door. The thing in the middle is a blinds track.I think it should be next to the doorpost.

Another question is.... should they have a Mezuza on this gate. It is just a metal rod with a door that goes around like a doorpost.


  1. The first picture is not totaly clear. but seems that the mezuza should be at the doorpost next to the hinges visible in the picture. [please is it possible for a wider view of total doorway]?
    The second picture: Yes, this entrance must have a mezuza on the pole that is the doorway.

  2. Thank you for the response. I will get a better picture if I can as soon as possible. The tile entrance goes just the same all around the door.


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