the negiya in the word mezuzos?


  1. Thank you. Just for my own shimush, if the mem would have been more like a chof vov tzurah with a thin churtem, would it still be fixable?

  2. A negia "sometimes makes it look like other letters but you do not have to use wild imagination, if you would ask a tinok to read it he would read as mem vov.
    yes if it would have a very thin long bridge (which is done by many sofrim and nobody ever tells them that its wrong) and the negia between the next vov is close and thick it might be a shinui tzura

    1. I agree. I think each case must be seen independently. So there might occur a shayla that will be passul, since it is equaly possible a mem zayin, or caf and ches.

  3. The sofer needs to learn how to write a chaf pesuta.

  4. correct- the halacha writes to be careful not to make the ך too wide.
    some sofrim decided that if too narrow it will be a vav similar to the sofrim that make short vavs worrying it will be a ן. imagining that it looks like another letter should be used only where chazal tell us to be worried,otherwise as long as it doesn't clearly look like another letter it is kosher


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