another negiya between lines

I think even according to the Keses - there never was a caf kefufa or beis, therefore can be separated.


  1. First time I see Lameds with a sharp top-right corner

  2. צורת הלמ"ד הזו אינו לכתחילה [בשום כתב, גם לא בכתב ספרדי

  3. I've (re)discussed this Rav Friedlander when this matter was posted here some months ago and, as I think I mentioned then, he was very adamant that the widely accepted psak is that, assuming the negiah is suffcient, it is pasul. I can't tell from this image if the connection is enough to pasel.

    A lamed with a round corner is lechatchila. (see kesiva tama) Many Ashkenazi sofrim put the right tag on the corner making it worse than just a plain square corner yet As a magia, in a mehudar ksav, I will add a little ink to the right to create a new round corner.


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