Is there a problem with the ה of Ha lehashem, does there need to be a bigger revach between it and the Shem? How would you correct it?


  1. Yes ideally should have space but not sure if it needs correcting

  2. The "Hei" should be LARGE and written separate from the Shem. This is the consensus of our Gedolei Yisrael. Please see Minchat Shai, Ramah (R. Meir ha-Levy ben Todros Abulafia), and the Keter Aram Zovah.

    In order to correct it, the left edge of the "Hei" may be scraped slightly in order to reduce its width and separate it from the Shem.

  3. The Yemenite Mesorah has no space after the ה, but seeing as this is not a Teimani Sefer Torah it should and can be corrected.

  4. The back of the lamed as well can be erased and rewritten further away from the hei.

    1. would seem like the lamed is a better option since its slightly stretched anyway


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