Tefillin paint thinners

I usually use a lacquer thinner to mix with the thick Tefillin paste-type paint that has a hechsher from Rov Wosner. By the way is this paint petroleum based?
I am wondering if there is any less harmful 'paint thinner' substitutes that also work well?  Does anyone know if odorless mineral spirits work?

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  1. It is lacquer based and highly toxic but to the best of my knowledge is the only option.

    Use in a well ventilated area, wear gloves and preferably a face mask too.

  2. The base is thinner 21 and that's what everyone uses in Israel. It's not available in the US. Acetone is the only thinner that I've had success with in the US. It evaporates quickly and is not as good as thinner 21 but it suffices. They both have a strong odor and a well ventilated room, preferably with a good exhaust system is needed. If you work with super glue be sure to have Acetone close at hand as it loosens the glue, for example, if you get your fingers stuck together.


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