5cm mezuza not kosher

was just given this mezuza to check. the letters have a lot of cracks. The klaf is very suspicious and i think that maybe it is just paper. How can i check?


  1. Those types of mezuzot are not kosher irrespective of what material they are written on, but if you really want to check you try ripping a corner. If it rips easily, it's paper.

  2. Such mezuzahs can theoretically be kosher if written correctly on klaf but less than 6cm is a telltale sign it is printed. The fact that the back side is upside down is also a sign it was printed. As mentioned you can try to tear a corner but sometimes they print these on klaf.

  3. Someone once asked me, casually, "Can you give me a rule of thumb to tell if a Mezuza is Pasul?"
    I said, "If it's smaller than your thumb, it's Pasul."


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