Matlis on klaf mashuach

A friend has asked me to do some basic repair work on his shul's megillah - it appears to be approximately 75-100 years old, and the lettering is virtually pristine, so in terms of reinking, it shouldn't be much work.  The larger problem is that the edges of the klaf are weak, and there are places where the klaf is almost torn/very heavily creased.  (In at least one place, the klaf has been reinforced with scotch tape, which I will obviously remove, and have told my friend that this is, to say the least, sub-optimal.)

My plan is to use thin matleisim around the border of the megillah to reinforce as necessary, but there is one problem - the back of the klaf is mashuach and very, very crumbly.  (The front, luckily, seems to not be.)  My feeling is that if I glued a matlis to the klaf, it wouldn't adhere, and, to the extent that it did, the matlis would come off with the coating quite quickly.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to deal with this?  I was considering sanding off the coating and then gluing, but would appreciate advice from others who might have dealt with this issue.

Kol tuv, and thanks!


  1. PVA glue should stick to old, brittle klaf. Super glue not. Which glue are you using?

    1. Elmer's, which is a PVA glue. The problem, though, isn't the klaf, which, while creased, isn't brittle - it's the plaster/chalk on the back, which is coming off extensively and is no longer bonding to the parchment. Thoughts? Thanks!

  2. I agree that super glue doesn't work well on klaf and that Elmers glue or white/plastic glue as they call it in Israel is best. Sand down the coating.


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