Blue pen in space of vov, see pic


  1. התמונה לא מספיק ברורה, אבל נראה בפשיטות שהוי"ו כשר. ומותר ורצוי לגרר הדיו הכחול

  2. Hi Eli,
    Not only is there an ink mark there, but also after 1) ELECH, 2) ANASHAV, 3) SONeAV, 4)VAYELAKH. Obviously, someone marked all of the ends of PESSUKIM with blue ink, rendering this TORAH passul... for we admit of no extra marks on the scroll. There is no other choice, but to go and remove all of them.

    Question, is the blue ink so engrained and absorbed into the KLAF, so that when you scrape, you are not able to remove it in its entirety?

    For example, it appears from the picture that you have tried removing the mark after ELECH. However, there is still a small residue remaining. Ultimately, if the ink has been absorbed into the klaf, there is a point at which one can no longer proceed; for by scraping one risks making a hole onto the parchment.

    Does anyone know of a good chemical process for removing blue ink? I have just tried a little alcohol, as well as acetone on a q-tip. Both seem to work by helping dissolve + lifting-up the ink. Any other ideas out there?


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