Checking for prudos

What is the best way and safest way to check for prudos on the shel rosh without compromising on the rituah of the teffilin ?


  1. David, good question.

    The safest, least invasive way is to grip the batim of the shel rosh tightly and pull them away from each other. If they are prudos they will move slightly away from each other as you pull, and you will see movement by the charitz on top. You must do this by all 3 charitzim to ensure prudos.

    However not all batim that are prudos will move. Sometimes they are extremely well pressed together, sometimes there is paint (not glue) holding them together. So you cannot say because they don't move when you pull them that they are definitely not prudos.

    However I use this pulling method when buying batim and I will not sell as bayis to a Chabad customer that does not pass the pulling test. (BTW if they move too easily, it might be a sign not to buy the bayis as they may split easily and open up in the future.)

    If you are checking used batim for prudos, and the pulling test does not work, the only way to be entirely sure is to gently stick a thin but sharp knife into the top corner of the charitz - ever so gently and slightly. This is an art, and if you don't do it properly you will butcher the bayis. I suggest doing this with the bayis being held upside down, incase a piece if paint chips off it will not wedge itself into the charitz and potentially widen the ribua. (If you do it upside down it will fall away from the bayis.)

    I would also suggest not doing this without the customers permission. You may wish to discuss what you are doing and why you are doing it, what the risks are, before you do it.

  2. I agree with R' Eli. Always explain the advantage/disadvantage of checking the prudos and let the customer decide. Also make it clear that you do not accept responsibility if it opens then or later.

    I use a .1mm (10th of a mm) thick piece of metal with rounded edges that is around 3cm wide and 4cm tall with a piece of tape along the top. You carefully and slowly put it in from the sides (and not from the top/center and work your way down until you verify or make it prudos. Never force it.


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