Tikkun for Yud in an Azkara

this yud in the Shem needs an oketz but first-- does it have proper tzura to make the tikkun in a mezuzah?


  1. מותר לתקנה יש בה צורת יו"ד, רק חסר בה עוקץ שמאל של ר"ת

  2. I concur. There are those who feel strongly that if the regel does not have a kulmus It's a psul in the tzurah. They envoke the opinion of the Daas Kedoshim who makes such a diyuk in the Alfa Beita.
    I completely disagree as does Rav Weiner in his sefer as well as others.
    I would recommend extending the regel a drop first to avoid any possibility of the uketz which you will add in being the same length as regel.

    1. also, a tip: it looks like the ink is to watery. Let it thicken a bit.

    2. Pesach is this your ksav? Kol hakavod, it's looking better and better

  3. As mentioned, the only issue is the lack of the oketz R"T. Theoretically the short regel could be left as is but to not risk a psul and while at it, to be yotzeh the Mikdash Me'at, extend the regel slightly then add the oketz.


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