Boro Park Chumra or posul



  1. The rosh is pretty thick so I think it has tzuras zayin. A large one mind you, but still a zayin. You can't just judge from the fact that it goes lower. What do the poskim say?

  2. if I found this I'd most likely ask a shaila and the mesora I have from Rav Friedlander (Rav Elyashiv) is far more mekel than "Boro Park".

  3. See article by R. Greenfeld here. The relevant page here.
    Here I measured it.
    According to the article it is borderline between שאלת תינוק to נון פשוטה הכשרה בדיעבד. More toward the נון פשוטה כשרה בדיעבד.

    1. IMHO your measuring is inaccurate, the rosh comes down on both sides on the bottom, particularly on the left it gets thicker from the middle out, you did not include this in your measurement

  4. here is rabbi greenfelds response to me
    ואכן על מזוןות יאכלוה, והוא על דרך הפסוק (בישעיה) "לםרבה המשרה ולשלום אין קץ על כסא דוד ועל ממלכתו".


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