can you fit 9 yuds?

Technically speaking we havespace for  a half of yud,  a nun which is one kulmus, a yud is one and the chaf is 2 so we have 4.5 kyudim on the bottom
on top we have a vav 1, a beis which is 2. and mayne another half totaling 3 which gives us a total of 7.5
however if a sofer was to make narrow yuds we might fit


  1. Are you sure these tfillin are handwritten? I am highly suspicious.

  2. It looks to me as enough for a Shiur Parsha. Why are you counting Oisiyos Gedoilos as 2? Isn't a bais 3 x 3 kulmusim?

  3. Shanina, Michoel! You just saved someone's parashiot!
    It is amazing how semantics affect one's thought patterns.
    In the normal world, ב = 2
    So, it's easy to read the above post and accept the facts.
    Good catch!

  4. I think it makes it by the skin of its teeth. As a precaution I would pull out the letters at the end of the lines a fraction (without creating shinuy tzurah or kuba zanav issues)

  5. While I don't have time to measure, the rule of thumb is that we measure the average width of this sofer's Yuds/Vavs (I do this with a caliper) and then see if we can fit in 9 (and a mashehu) into the blank spaces.

  6. here is rabbi greenfelds response to me
    אכן יש ט' יו"דין


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