Lots of mems like this. The customer is Temani. Is there any tzad to allow fixing?


  1. Hi Eli,
    I am afraid there is no remedy for this one as it is lacking a MOSHAV. Any fixing would be considered LO KESIDRAN.

  2. If he goes according to the Rambam in everything, seemingly one could be lenient. According to the Rambam, a letter only has to be legible to be kosher. וגם פשטות דעת הרמב"ם שאין דין "שלא כסדרן" בכלל וכמ"ש מרן הגרי"ז הלוי זצ"ל אבל צ"ע אם למעשה מנהג תימן היה לסמוך על זה כלל

  3. The opinion of all sofrim in our office is -this mem has no shape of mem and will be possul.

  4. It is not "legibly" a Mem: one could have asked if this can pass for a Ches

  5. Of course according to our Minhag it would be pasul. I am only suggesting that perhaps the Yemenites would approach the shaylah differently.

    1. Even if you wanted to go that route, wouldn't it be a shailas tinok because it looks so much like a ches?


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