metayeg missed by a mile. did he pasel the reish?

Reish from "YISROEL"


  1. no. this time he missed. usualy he does passel !!!

    1. He missed the shin but the third tug is actually touching the back of the reish

  2. It doesn't cause Shinuy Tzurah: it still looks like a Reish, with a Kotz on its back.

    I wonder if there is also a Mekotzetz: the Kotzo Shel Yud in most cases is longer than needed, almost Passeling the Yud in Bivnei (just before "Yisrael")

  3. It clearly looks like something extrinsic to the resh as opposed to an intrinsic kotz or protrusion on the top right which would turn it into a dalet.

  4. I agree, that it can be fixed.

    The kotz of the Yud in Bnai is long, as mentioned, but it's kashrus is unquestionable. The rest, while some may not be perfect, are fine so see no reason for a fuss.


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