Second guessing a tinok

The Nun from hotziyonu has a small kotz coming out the back of the bottom right, possibly a shailos tinok. I felt certain the child would read it as a nun, esp compared to the other gimmels. To my surprise, the tinok read it as a gimmel.

My gut feeling is to show another few tinokim and go with the majority, since I feel the child may have erred on this. However at what point does one decide to negate the original tinok and show it to more than one tinok? Am I doing the right thing by showing it to other tinokim just because he surprised me? He is the tinok I usually use and generally fares well. What does Reb Moshe (or others) think? I never understood the criteria of using multiple tinokim.


  1. If this would happen to me, I would passel because of the tinok.

  2. I can't make the call based on the image whether it's a shalos tinok (or better or worse) but once asked I'm not that surprised he called it a Gimel so I'd agree that there's no place to try and get a majority to be machshir. (If he identified the nuns and gimels before you asked on this letter then his reading of this nun should stand.)

  3. Thank you everyone for their response.

    However things are now more complicated.

    The owner of the tefillin wanted the tefillin back quickly, and I took matters into my own hands. Unfortunately, time was not on my side.

    I showed it again to the same tinok. This time he read it as a NUN. I showed it to another tinok, who also read it as a NUN. Satisfied, I finished checking the tefillin and gave them back (obv. I fixed by adding ink).

    I now see everyone's comments and I'm starting to fret. Had I had access to the internet a little sooner I wouldn't have reshown the tinok.

    The question is what to do now. Reb Moshe, you know me, if you think I need to go back to the customer and explain the situation (even though it is somewhat unprofessional) and replace the parshiyos, please tell me, I will do what I need to do.


  4. Would it have been Kosher if it would have HAD to be a Gimmel?

  5. probably not since you go after the majority


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