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more about zayin

Arts and crafts can be very tricky, as you can see the head of the zayin has a thick side and a thin side -i actually used one kulmus cut to the thin and one cut to the thick side and we still have half a kulmus under the line.
I also placed the zayin at the end of the word.
My point is not to prove kosher or posul,my point is we are splitting hairs on a safek deorayta.
most of us when showing an etrog to a rav and he slightly twitches his nose we are out there buying a new one.
First all of the magihim should send back such mezuzos to the sofer, as "SOFEK PSUL"
Is an Aguna involved that we are splitting hairs to save the mezuza when the sofer clearly violated the beraysa? THE BRAYSA MEANT OUR SHAILA the braysa didnt come to warn us not to make a zayin with 3 kulmusim.
What bothers me even more is when i ask sofrim why is the vav shorter than the zayin, they often reply "i was worried the vav will become a nun sofit" it is embarrassing when a sofer clearly ignores…


Hi Shmuel, I guess this is a ZAKHOR that not many of us are going to forget.  Please note the following on the above picture.  I have taken off the head of the ZAYIN and placed two exact reproductions along its side to provide us with some more objective perspective.   Well, as one may see, the body of this Zayin turns out to be twice the width of its head.