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Designated Tinok and Size of NUN SOFIT lechatchila BORO PARK style

Alfa Beisa -nun  pshuta shall be like zayin but longer,do not shorten less than 4 kulmus including head
Alfa Baisa 2 nun  pshuta shall be like zayin however length shall be 4 kulmus including head so it can be bent into nun kfufa
Darkei Moshe siman 36  quotes Boruch Sheamar  "nun pshuta shall be 4 kulmus including rosh.
Mikdash Me'at" os nun: (4)quotes  Darkei Moshe and stresses 3 kulmus for regel

Mikdash Me'at" os nun: (5)quotes  Darkei Moshe in name of Mordchai IF NUN SOFIT WAS WRITTEN LESS THAN ABOVE SHIUR IT IS STILL KOSHER ,if in doubt then show to tinok

Ksov Lechaim-Shmulevitzer
 has no mekor but writes it should have four and a half kulmusim (now remember he is not a posek actually according to many he misquotes the boruch sheomar many times.)

Rabbi Silberger pictures nun sofit with 3 and a half kulmusim and quotes above ksov lechaim and meir eini sofrim…