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Interesting Reish

Here's my mark up of the interesting Reish from 3 posts down:

Electric Letter Eraser?

Interested in the opinion of the pros. It seems like an interesting idea...

Advice please - Matlit

I need to help someone make a "matlit" for a Megilat Esther. I know how to do one in theory, however, I've never needed to do one myself, so I don't have any practical experience. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Two interesting letters

Here are two interesting situations that I came across recently that I am not completely sure what to do with. The thing that bothers me about this Ayin is that the line that points up at the bottom of the letter is almost like an additional Eiver to the letter that shouldn't be there. I think it is Kosher anyway, or at least can be fixed by adding ink. What do you think? This one bothers me more. The question I have is, at what point does a Reish become a straight or diagonal line? If it would be bent at the proper angle, the halacha is that the regel only needs to be "Kmlo Yud" to be Kosher Bedieved, but I am concerned that in this case it is not enough due to the angle of the bend. The tinok reads it correctly, but I am still leaning to say it's passul.