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Nun hafucha in charan

I was asked in the previous post to put this up. Not terribly exciting this one as the scribe didn't go for an actual nun hafucha (or the slanty version or the nun sofit inverted regel type tag I have seen) - though the lech l'cha tradition is there.

Kabbalistic tav

Am currently repairing a very old kabbalistic torah. Most of the kabbalistic touches don't invalidate the letter forms and have considerable precedent. However I have just come across this odd tav with a lamed type rosh. I've seen something that looks similar in the Machzor Vitri but the rosh doesn't look quite so pronounced but that may just be a bad drawing. It does say it appears 22 times in the Torah and this is also listed in Sefer HaTagin and both words are in the list.

It is clearly still a tav but as a special tagin go this is a bit much. I'm not intending to 'correct' this, but just wanted to check that since we have the tradition this form is acceptable. Also thought everyone would be interested in seeing this.