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"The meuzah has sentimental value" OPINION PLEASE

We all get an occasional problematic tefilin or mezuza with "SENTIMENTAL" value. I have heard in name of rav wosner that if we have tefilin from a very prominent sofer then even a bdieved is lechatchila-if I am correct he said it regarding shrt lameds in rav Nachman papirnes ksav from his older years. The Shaila is what is the Lomdis Is it that we may use a bdieved if the chashivas of the sofer is so great or that since a chushiver sofer wrote it we count it as lechatchila. The meuzah or  that has sentimental value  is this a reason to allow a bdieved? maybe since it was written without tagim it should be kept in the china closet for sentimental value.