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kesher Baal Hatanya

Where can I read about the kesher of the tefillin shel yad according to the Baal Hatanya? Why is it considered by some than the regular kesher?
If somebody has different sources, I would be very interested.

ילקוט צורת האותיות

Does anyone know how I can get my hands on a copy of ילקוט צורת האותיות? I emailed Rabbi Greenfield a few months ago and he told me that it's (obviously) out of print, but they are working on reprinting it. Does anyone know where I could get a second-hand copy?

Additionally, I am interested in reading some of his other articles, namely "תפילין הקדושות של רבותינו" and "חתימת המסורה". I emailed his recently about these but have yet to receive an answer. Does anyone know where I might get my hands on one?

I live in Kew Gardens Hills, NY, but am often around Brooklyn. Any leads would be greatly appreciated!