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Questionable roshem on mezuzah

Hi, I was looking at someone's mezuzah today. Here is an image of part of it: When I looked closely at one of the words I saw roshem that looked like something had been erased in between the ל and כ. Here is a close-up: My question is: Not knowing the source of the mezuzah do we assume that the erasure was before the כ was written and it is ok, or do we assume that it was afterwards and therefore passul? Thanks, Phil

Extra ink on the front of a mezuzah?

Hi, I just took a look at someone's mezuzah and found that on the bottom right corner there were some extra marks: 1. Pencil checkmark - I assume that this can be erased. 2. Ink mark - is this a problem? Can the extra ink be scratched off? Also, all of the alephs have a bump/tag on the bottom left foot. Does anyone know the source for this? Thanks, Phil