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Safek Tzura in Sefer Torah

this past shabbat parshas metzora a case of safek tzura was discovered.
my qualification through the vaad mishmeres sta"m is only for ktiva i could not pasken on this issue but will be bringing it iy"H to a magihah musmach on tuesday for evaluation

a closer look:

the ot in question is the letter bet. the word is supposed to read "bohen" but it looks like a kaf kfufah. the tiny oketz seen near the back-middle of the ot (and normally present in a bet) does not kovea the tzurat beit. what IS m'akev, however, is a sharp corner on the bottom right of the letter's moshav. since this type of corner appears to be lacking from the moshav, l'aniyut da'ati the tzura is changed from a bet to a kaf.

any opinions on the (in)accuracy of this svara, or any additional comments from the olam?

a joyous and redemptive chag
pesach r