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Understanding the Crown Heights "love affair" with tagei lamed...

I call it the Crown Heights "love affair" (for lack of better words) as opposed to the Chabad "love affair" because it is a hakpada that is primarily found amongst Chabad sofrim from (or trained in) Crown Heights, as opposed to Chabad sofrim from  Erertz Yisroel and other places.

It is fair to say that different groups have different things they are machmir about (ie the Litvish are into klaf avodas yad, Satmar are into Bli Bechiros etc). And the fact that in recent years Chabad sofrim from Crown Heights are way more makpid when it comes to doing the tagei lamed correctly than anyone else (right higher than left - without exception - even when other hiddurim and lechatchillah aspects are blatently overlooked) IS A GOOD THING.

Here's why I say that they are more makpid than anyone else:

True, all good sofrim are makpid to write the tagei lamed properly - with the right tag taller than the left tag.  After all, it is brought down in the Mishnah Brurah as a lech…