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Help shaaloh on a tof. I was writing and this taf got filled in if someone could answer i would really apreciate it.

Door post

Does this second door post immediately to the left of the mezuza ALSO require a mezuzah?

Saaros in Yerushalayim / batim paint & thinner in NY?

After many years, my source for Saaros (R' Kendle, the magia near the Mir) has stopped selling them. Who sells clean/cut Saaros in Yerushalayim? I'll be in the US soon and need to purchase a liter can of batim ("Benedict") paint locally since taking in a suitcase is illegal. Who sells it in the NY area? In Israel we use thinner (21) to thin down the batim paint. Thinner 21 isn't sold in the US so I've been using Acetone, as recommended to me by a batim worker in NY. Do you know if any sofrim/dealers imports/sells the thinner 21 in NY, as I prefer it over the Acetone?